Everywhere you talk to people in the document management industry the word Sharepoint is popping up. I have looked at sharepoint 2000 for the first time and was not impressed. However as a Microsoft Consultant i new that if Microsoft wanted they will assemble a team of 500 programmers and managers and will give sharepoint a boost.

Here here..Sharepoint 2007 was released and did they made an impression. At that time i was implementing document management systems like Hummingbird, OpenText and Worksite. Ok sharepoint did not have the functionality like these systems. Is Worksite mainly focussed on proffessional services and Hummingbird on the goverments. Sharepoints aims its arrows at the "lower" businesses and seems to be an entry package. And microsoft is not Microsoft with there concept. "Once in we never get out"

My dear DMS consultants and vendors. Do not underestimate the power of Microsoft. If you cannot beat them, join them.

Regards, a freelance Microsoft Consultant who does it for the extra hours of service :-)