Oracle E-Business Error Bill's Receivable

Well everybody is making mistakes so am i. And what kind of mistake. Today our company in France called. We are trying to get a new run of Bill's receivable with the due date of 10 july 2008. It runs for about 10 minutes (quick he!!) but the batch keeps up turning empty.

For your information. This kind of batch is only used in France (within our company) to create so called ' Traite l'acceptee ' or just a kind of check which the customer has to sign and sent back to us in order to cash in the money. So very important because everybody knows that if the money stops coming in, the lights will go out. And the usual pain in the ass manager will become an even bigger pain.

Okay user. Let me have a go at it. I go to
->Accounts Receivable ->Bills Receivable -> Batches

create a new batch with payment methode TP. Checked the view Request in order to follow the process. What do you think " The user is right ".

after an afternoon testing, trying, toad, quering i finaly got one invoice in the batch instead of the expected 1400. But we are getting there.

On the payment methode the Lead days where set to zero days. Which means that invoices only due to the current date are selected. Thank god for audittrail but as usual the user has not done it!!. Issue solved and i will never forget this.