EBS : Thing to do when period closes

Complete manual payments and adjustments for the period (including cleanup of ‘Out of Balance’ batches)

Check and Complete final Receivables Interface from Order Management

Complete manual invoices, DEBIT Memos and credit memos

Run your final Auto Invoice process

Correct ALL Auto Invoice rejects and re-run

Clear all receipts from Cash Management

Apply receipts against Invoices and Debit Memos

Review the Unapplied Receipts Register

Reconcile receipts

Apply Credit memo to Debit Memo and Invoices

Approve or reject ALL Pending Adjustments

Complete or delete ALL ‘Incomplete’ invoices

Complete or delete ALL ‘Incomplete’ credit memos

Correct and post ALL open Lockbox batches (If Lock Box Implemented)

Print Dunning (Reminder) Letters (Optional)

Run Journal Entries Reports

Review Journal Entries reports for ‘unusual’ accounts and correct as needed

Run Period End Reports

Balance to the Aged Trial Balance

Post to the General Ledger using the period start date through the period end date - verify that ALL steps completed successfully.

Close the period - verify that there are no items in error

Open the next period and the next Future period

Post Journal Entries (In General Ledger)

Balance to the General Ledger (for the key accounts)